With the season winding down, we have a look at how our goal scorers have gone this season and if any are in contention for the Golden Boot Award in their age groups.


Under 12s

The Under 12s have had a tough year but haven’t struggled to find the net this season. Linus Bourke (10) and Kai Lyster (8) have led the team in front of goal but have had many helping out along the way. Kane O’Regan as well as Ramazani Masudi and Captain Rhyce Hore have all chipped in 3 goals to help share the goal scoring burden.

With the Golden Boot leader on 22 goals, Bourke and Lyster will most likely miss out on the top goalscorer award this year.

Scorers: L.Bourke (10), K.Lyster (8), K.O’Regan (3), R.Masudi (3), R.Hore (3), R.Thompson (2), H.Carmody (1), O.Eze (1)


Under 13s

One name reigns supreme atop the Under 13s goalscoring chart. His name, Steve Fidele. The United striker has had an incredible year in front of goal, with 26 goals to his name so far, 5 more than his closest rival. With his stats well over a goal a game, it wouldn’t be far fetched to think he can get to 30+ goals and take home the Golden Boot award.

He hasn’t been alone on the scoresheet however, with Zachary Ferlauto (6), Leo Fidele (5) and Noah Kioses (5) also helping out. The Under 13s have had a bit of a dip in form of late, but hopefully they can get back on track and Fidele can take out the goalscoring award for the 2016 season.

Scorers: S.Fidele (26), Z.Ferlauto (6), L.Fidele (5), N.Kioses (5), G.Hamilton (4), J.Anderson (4), M.Maney (1), N.Grima (1), R.Hore (1), W.Klingsporn (1)


Under 14s

The Under 14s have had an up and down season but are in fantastic form at the moment with 4 wins and a draw from their last 5 games. Carter Ramsay leads the goal scoring for the side, with 16 goals from 14 games. He is 11 goals off the leader but has played 8 less games than him due to state side commitments. With a couple of games in hand and with the side playing well, he can stake a claim for the Golden Boot but will have to be scoring at more than a goal a game.

He hasn’t been alone on the scoresheet however, Adam Jordan and Ethan Whiley have stepped up well in Ramsay’s absence, scoring 8 goals apiece. Harris Lee has 7, with 7 other players playing their part in the goal scoring.

Scorers: C.Ramsay (16), A.Jordan (8), E.Whiley (8), H.Lee (7), J.Hore (3), K.McMillan (3), S.Fidele (2), L.Reimers (2), J.McGennisken (2), A.Ryan (2), J.Drummond (1)


Under 15s

The Under 15s have had a tough year but have shown signs of improvement throughout the season. Goals have been hard to come by but a few players have stepped up and look to be ones for the future. Adam Jordan has continued his good scoring form in the Under 14s into the side with 6 goals to his name, Alec Mills has 5 while Carter Ramsay has another 3 in this age group.

No one challenging the Golden Boot leader in this age group, but promising signs for the future.

Scorers: A.Jordan (6), A.Mills (5), C.Ramsay (3), C.Mesec (1), E.Whiley (1), G.Gray (1), J.Hore (1), J.Masters (1)


Under 16s

The league leaders for a long spell of the season, 7th placed United have been good this season and have backed it up with plenty of goals. Skipper Issac Read and Azia Feltrin are competing against each other for the team’s scoring leader, both have 12 after 16 matches. It’s unlikely they will challenge for the league Golden Boot however, with the leader on 27 goals.

Freddy Myers, Dipesh Adhikari and Fletcher Caponecchia all have 3 goals while a few have chipped with goals here and there.

Scorers: I.Read (12), A.Feltrin (12), F.Myers (3), F.Caponecchia (3), D.Adhikari (3), A.Ventre (2), J.Milford (2), C.McCrory (1), J.Aleskafi (1), S.Dalitz (1)


Under 18s

The goals have been shared around in the Under 18s this year. With many players in form being played in the Under 20s & First Team, consistency has been hard to come by. Scoresheet regular Lewis Greenwood tops the list for United with 7 goals from 8 games, while captain Sam Thorman closely follows him on 6. With the league leader on 20 goals, a United Golden Boot winner looks unlikely but you never know with that man Greenwood. With games in hand and the First Team season ending soon, could we see more incredible things from this talented 16 year old?

Scorers: L.Greenwood (7), S.Thorman (6), A.Brejcha (4), T.Pawlik (3), A.Feltrin (2), C.Caponecchia (2), J.Milford (2), O.Bell (2), C.McCrory (1), H.Page (1), I.Read (1), J.Clavan (1), S.Bhattarai (1)



Our junior teams face Northcote City on Sunday afternoon in Preston.